Burnout to


Discover a Life Where Joy Meets Purpose

Embark on a transformational journey specifically designed to help women of color in leadership escape burnout and rediscover balance.

Do you feel overlooked and overwhelmed?

If you’re constantly juggling the demands of your professional life with personal responsibilities, feeling both invisible in your contributions and yet spotlighted for your every move, you’re not alone. Many women of color in healthcare, academia, and executive roles share these experiences of burnout, stress, and disconnection from their true selves and desires.  

Introducing Burnout to Breakthrough

This comprehensive, high-personalized program addresses these common feelings:

  • Exhaustion that isn't relieved by rest.

  • Lack of Recognition for your efforts and achievements.

  • Pressure to perform at levels above and beyond your peers, without adequate support.

  • Isolation within your professional community.

  • Frustration and Despair when your work and life seem out of alignment with your values.

Dr. Kimberly Gordon, your guide in this year-long journey, understands these challenges deeply—not just as a coach, but from her own experiences. This program is crafted to move you from feeling stuck and unfulfilled to thriving in all areas of your life.

Transform Your Professional and Personal Life

Over 12 transformative months, you will:

  • Break Barriers: Overcome mental and societal obstacles that hinder your growth.

  • Align with Your Purpose: Identify what truly matters to you and steer your life in that direction.

  • Restore Your Energy: Implement strategies that reduce stress and enhance your well-being.

  • Build Powerful Connections: Cultivate relationships that support and enrich your professional and personal life.

  • Live Your Legacy: Influence your community and field with impactful, lasting changes.

Hear from Women Just Like You

Client Testimonials

Natacha Brookshire

My name is Natacha Brookshire. I had the privilege of participating in the inaugural Rewrite the Narrative (RWN) classes.

When I came across this life giving and rejuvenating power class, I was searching for healing because I felt burned out, tired and drained. As a Haitian-American I had become very involved in volunteering with several organizations that supported my native land in addition to volunteering with other Pan African organizations. Though rewarding, these activities sapped my energy because in addition I worked full time while also developing my own business. I felt a deep need for change but was not sure how to go about it.

Ask and you shall receive! The Rewriting Your Narrative classes were exactly what I needed! The 5 day power classes fell neatly within my previously planned vacation. Each daily class became the highlight of my day. The classes provided insights and most importantly a healing space where I connect with other women. Dr. Gordon gifted all of us with a sacred space to talk and to listen, to learn and to discover what it means to be fully in touch with our pain, our sorrows, our joys and our triumphs. The classes were a treasure box of guidance for inner healing and for finding peace.

I recommend these classes to every woman of African descent whose heart is tired and whose spirit is looking for rest and healing. These sessions are more than classes; they are a self- healing and bonding experience that will help you to live more fully while recentering yourself. You will not regret the time spent and the lessons learned in these classes. You are worth it! Gift yourself the treasure of 5 days to Rewrite YOUR Narrative!

Reem Babikir

I've known Dr. Gordon since 2009-2010, initially in a friendship capacity. Over the years, I've witnessed her journey through personal challenges, her path to becoming a psychiatrist, and the establishment of her professional practice.

In 2020-2021, during a particularly challenging time for many of us, I was introduced to Dr. Gordon in a professional capacity. Like many others, I was suffering from extreme burnout and mental health challenges, and I really needed help.

Dr. Gordon's coaching helped me refocus and look at myself differently. She encouraged me to look inside, to examine my core values, and to see what I really wanted. She helped me recognize my worth beyond my career, showing me that stepping away from work or taking leave doesn't diminish who I am. Since then, I've been on a therapeutic, mental health, and spiritual journey. Dr. Gordon has witnessed my growth throughout the years, and her pride in my progress is evident in our conversations.

What stands out about Dr. Gordon is her authenticity and how inspiring she is. She empowers us by being her true self, giving us the autonomy to act and the encouragement to be ourselves. Her impact on my life has been transformative. She shattered the stigma of mental health for me and helped me understand that seeking help doesn't lower one's worth or value. This was life-changing, especially as a woman of color.

Dr. Gordon helped me reimagine how expressing my emotions authentically, including anger, can bring about positive change rather than destruction. Thanks to her guidance, I've learned to look within and embrace the journey of self-discovery. I'm now an advocate for mental health, constantly rediscovering and relearning about myself.

I'm deeply grateful for Dr. Gordon's impact on my life and her continued support in my ongoing journey of growth and self-discovery. Her ability to witness and celebrate growth in others is truly remarkable. As Richard Bach wrote, "All the gods, all the heavens, and all the hells are within you." Dr. Gordon has helped me experience this truth and view both myself and others through this lens.

Carine Nzodom, M. D.

When I found out that Kimberly Gordon, M.D. was my mentor, I could not be more excited. I thought it was a great pairing.

I had heard of her from the work she did with the Louisiana Psychiatric Medical Association, where I currently serve on their board. I first met her at the 2016 September Component Meeting. It was my first meeting as a Fellow and I was undoubtedly anxious. We immediately bonded over our commonalities. She also told me about the work she had done. At the end of the meeting, we exchanged contact information and remained in touch.

As my mentor, she has taken more time to know me both on a professional and presonal lelve via phone converstation, emails, and most recently in person at the IPS. The Mental Health Servcies Confferenece in New Orleans. She understands and can relate to the challenges I face as an African American Female Psychiatrist. We talked about the ways to overcome those adversities. She assigned me to write down my short and long-term goals-What I need help with the most my professional interests after residency. Despite her very busy schedule, she found time to discuss those goals with me.

I have found Dr. Gordon to be available whenever I need her. She has given me guidance without enabling me. She's supportive and charismatic. I admire all her leadership, her passion for her work and commitment not only to her patients but to her community as well. She's a true inspiration. I could not be happier to have her as my mentor.

Meet Dr. Kimberly Gordon: Your Guide and Mentor

She was a pillar of success in her community - an accomplished child and adolescent psychiatrist, speaker, and organizational leader - but she was hiding a secret. Most of the time, she felt overwhelmed and exhausted. Dr. Kim felt like she was on a runaway train to burnout which added to her stress. Luckily, she was able to get off that train before she completely crashed and burned. 

Now, she’s using her experience and new-found understanding of burnout to coach other women of color in healthcare, academia, and education to move from burnout to breakthrough. Dr. Kim is a Christian who believes that prayer and community have a role to play in the process of reclaiming your life and unlocking joy, unspeakable joy! 

With her expertise as a psychiatrist and passion for health equity and holistic wellness, she's uniquely equipped to guide you through this transformation.

What "Burnout to Breakthrough" Offers You

This comprehensive program includes:

  • Personalized Coaching: Monthly 1-on-1 sessions focused on your wellness and strategic storytelling to amplify your mission.

  • Group Sessions: Weekly mindset workshops and monthly VIP sessions with leaders and changemakers.

  • Resource Access: An online repository and a 'Rewrite the Narrative' storybook to support your journey.

  • Wellness Support: A wellness audit, an emotional resilience plan, and a discounted wellness retreat.

Your Path from Burnout to Breakthrough

Begin to Reconnect with their purpose and rediscover their unique gifts, passions, and values


Discover Your Roadblocks: Recognize and tackle the mental and environmental obstacles to your well-being.


Breaking Barriers: Address the stories that hold you back and cultivate courage.


Purposeful Pathways: Align your professional activities with your true values and passions.


Soulful Restoration: Engage in activities that restore your spirit and enhance your well-being.


Crafting Courageous Boundaries: Learn to set and maintain boundaries that protect your time and energy.


Radiant Authenticity: Embrace and express your unique identity in all aspects of life.


Serenity Strategies: Adopt stress management and relaxation techniques to maintain calm.


Igniting Inner Joy: Rediscover and engage in what brings you joy.


Empowered Connections: Build and nurture supportive relationships.


Luminous Legacy: Create and plan to leave a lasting impact in your community and field.

Burnout to Breakthrough

A Worthwhile Investment in Your Future

The $20,000 program fee covers all aspects of this transformative journey, including one-on-one sessions, group workshops, and continuous support, providing unmatched value in your personal and professional development. Payment plans available.

Ready to redefine success and happiness on your terms? Book a discovery call today and take the first step towards a life of joy, purpose, and impact.

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